Pool Landscaping Made Simple

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Pool Landscaping Made

Mix some imagination, creativity and a few essential facts about plants, and your pool landscaping project will be the envy of the neighborhood. The addition of a hardscape project, such as a rock formation or a water feature, could make your poolside even more attractive. Most yards feature the pool as the focal point, which makes any landscaping around it a very important consideration. You want both beauty and practicality; the greenery you put around the pool needs to be compatible with the purpose of this area.

The Basics

The first place to start is with the placement of your pool. Check to see if there are any nearby trees with branches overhanging the pool; these will need to be trimmed to prevent debris from getting into the water. Consider employing landscaping maintenance services to take care of this as they have the expertise to perform the task without causing damage to your trees. Next, decide on how people will approach the pool. A stone pathway can be installed, and you can choose either a straight-line route or curve the walkway to complement the shape of the pool. If you’re thinking of a patio installation, this could be the perfect time. Having a path is essential to minimize grass clippings or dirt from getting into the water when you or your guests step into the pool.

Another basic consideration in pool landscaping is the planting of certain shrubs, flowers or ornamental grasses that will add a touch of beauty or privacy. If these plants may be splashed by chlorinated water, check with an expert at your local garden center to see which types of plants are hardy for this situation. Certain ornamental grasses are very popular in pool landscaping because they are low-maintenance.

Shrubs can be planted strategically around the pool for privacy, but don’t choose evergreens that shed their needles; this will make cleaning the pool that much harder. Regular landscaping maintenance services can help keep your pool area clean and beautiful throughout the year. If you want a more private area, consider trellises. These can be painted to accent or blend in with your surroundings as you choose. There are also several vine type plants that can be trained to grow on a trellis, which would give this area a cozy feel.


After you have begun your pool landscaping, take a few steps back. Do you have a patio? If not, consider a patio installation. In many ways, a patio is like an outside room, and care should be taken when choosing the furniture and other accessories. There are many options to select from when it comes to patio furniture, from wicker sets to casual hammocks.

Wind chimes, a bird feeder or several pots of colorful flowers can complete this look. A gazebo can offer shade and privacy, while a fountain can add soothing sounds to enhance the peace of your relaxing retreat. Pool landscaping gives you an excellent opportunity to create a mood that can as inviting or as invigorating as you desire.

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