Driveway repair is the process of restoring driveways that have degraded or been damaged. It can be done using a variety of methods, from patchwork and crack repair to protective coatings and sealants. This process is suitable for any driveway that has degraded or been damaged due to UV exposure, extreme weather, use over time or by accident. Driveway repair is a cost-effective method of renewing your existing driveway rather than digging it up and installing a new one. It can also add value to your home by increasing the safety of your driveway through special non-slip protective coatings.

The Kingdom Lawn creates stunning walkways that tie into your landscaping and hardscaping projects. We use the same materials in your walkway as in your patio or deck for a cohesive look. There is a range of walkway designs to chose from in a variety of materials and to fit all budgets.

A walkway should accent your landscaping and encourage guests to explore, leading them to interesting features like gardens, indoor kitchens or ponds. Walkways can be made of a variety materials like pavers, flagstone, or eco-materials. The Kingdom Lawn also installs lighting to illuminate your walkway at night.


Is your sidewalk a little worse for the wear? Cracks, chips, and uneven surfaces can be more than just unsightly, they can also be dangerous. Neighbors or customers are walking on your sidewalk every day and a faulty sidewalk could be a trip hazard. The Kingdom Lawn can repair your sidewalk quickly and affordably.

Sidewalk Replacement
Concrete damage can sometimes become extensive. Perhaps the concrete has crumbled over time. Or, accidents can cause severe damage which requires your sidewalk be replaced completely. While we will always try to repair first, if there is structural damage it’s important that we replace your concrete sidewalk.

Sidewalk Installation
The professionals at The Kingdom Lawn can also install a new concrete sidewalk for your home or business where one did not exist before. Expand the walkway in front of your house or create additional walking paths for your future customers.

At The Kingdom Lawn Landscaping Services LLC, we know that a paver patio can add a special element of design to your property and can give you the extra outdoor space you want.

The Kingdom Lawn Landscaping Services LLC specializes in high-quality hardscaped paver patio installation, driveway installation, and retaining walls. Whether you need a patio to entertain guests or a walkway to improve the curb appeal of your home. Our paver patios are excellent for entertaining, with fire pits, bbq pits and bars (to name a few options). Please call us to inquire further and get a free estimate at (410) 739-0739!

Retaining wall

The Kingdom Lawn Landscaping Services LLC has been building and designing custom retaining walls in the Maryland area. The Kingdom offers a large selection of designs, styles, and building materials to meet your hardscaping goals and stay within budget.
The Kingdom Lawn Landscape Service builds retaining walls for both residential and commercial properties. We have built retaining walls for a variety of properties including homes, offices, apartment complexes, retail spaces and more.

Sitting wall

This type of wall is usually double-sided and free – standing. Used to help define an outdoor living space, the lines of a sitting wall enhance the geometry and design of the patio or walkway it is built beside.

Create the effect of a courtyard for your front entrance with sitting walls and pillars placed at the front gate. When placed around a fire feature, a double-sided wall gives additional seating for relaxing around the campfire.


Steps don’t just provide function by taking us from one level to another.  They can also be a key element of your overall landscape design and a great way to add some pizzazz to your front entrance.

All front entrances are unique and require a different solution to address the elevation changes in the landscape.  On a relatively flat lot, a front entrance can be as simple as a single step leading to a front door landing.  Others may require a flight of steps to help manage a steep slope leading from the driveway to the front door.

Whatever the situation, steps can be built that provide the function needed, as well as accent the overall style of the home.


Whether you want a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day, or you’re looking to extend your entertaining space, a fire pit is a beautiful backyard feature that will allow you to comfortably enjoy your outdoor space throughout the year. A custom fire pit will bring family and friends together, create a unique focal point for your outdoor space, and add to the beauty and value of your home.


If you have any questions about any of our services, we recommend that you make an appointment or telephone consultation with one of our professionals.


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