Landscaping with Rocks Adds Natural Beauty


Landscaping with Rocks

Since the beginning of time, rocks have been a part of the natural landscape. However, it’s only been recently that landscaping with rock designs adds an intriguing dimensional beauty to yards and property. Rocks are becoming an affordable and creative way to make a special statement. They also often form part of a hardscape project in the overall landscape design.

The Abundance Of Stone

There are really no limits to landscaping with rocks. They come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Textures also vary from slate to granite, and this variety is able to bring unique and special accents to any landscape design. For the amount of presence they offer a property, they are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain. Rocks can be used sparingly with landscaping plans to give a quick peek of color or texture, or they can be used in greater abundance to create a rugged look to the overall scheme. Landscaping maintenance services often include the upkeep of these rock designs as part of their offering.

If you are a new property owner and you’re digging up areas of your lawn as part of your landscape plans, it’s possible you may uncover some interesting rocks. Put them off to the side until you decide how to use the rocks in your landscaping plans. The rocks you find may become the focal points of your entire landscaping project, or they could form a beautiful backdrop to a patio installation. But if you’re not lucky enough to find the rocks you need, check out your local garden center or a landscaping supply company. There are even artificial rocks that you can purchase online, and some companies will even engrave them with your family name or a phrase of your choice.

Best Ways Of Use

Although rocks are in everyone’s yard, it takes a special touch to place them in an appealing way. Landscaping with rocks involves the basic principle of making the rocks look like they belong there. Don’t just scatter them around, decide on interesting locations and place them in those spots. Try contrasting the hardness of a rock with the softness of your flowers, or use stones as edging to walkways or around the flowerbeds. For instance, placing rocks strategically around a patio installation can help to integrate the structure with the rest of your yard.

To make the rocks appear as if they were always part of your landscape, be sure to bury them slightly. Dig a shallow hole, only a few inches or more, depending on the size of the rock. Place the rock in this indentation and push the dirt back around it. They seem to offer their strength and stability to the life of the plants and shrubs around them when you landscape with rocks in this way. Regular landscaping maintenance services can ensure these rocks remain in their prime condition, complementing the overall aesthetic of your garden.

Overall, when you consider the potential of a hardscape project in your garden, landscaping with rocks could offer a cost-effective and attractive solution.

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