How To Choose The Right Landscaping Trees

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Landscaping Trees

Trees are very important when it comes to landscaping. Not only will landscaping tress make your yard look green and cool, it will also provide shade where you and your family can spend some time together. Additionally, choosing the right trees is an important aspect of landscaping maintenance services. To help you choose the right type of landscaping trees for your yard, here are a few things that you need to consider.

Flowering Trees

If you want to make your yard look really pretty during specific seasons of the year, consider planting flower bearing trees. There are many types of flower bearing landscaping trees that you can choose from. Magnolias and Rose of Sharon are especially nice. The Rose of Sharon can be quite stunning. Actually, the rose of Sharon is not exactly a tree but a type of flowering shrub but since it is usually pruned to have just one single trunk and then allowed to grow tall, this type of plant is more commonly known as a landscaping tree in the United States. What is really very interesting about the Rose of Sharon is that it blooms for a long time.

Aside from magnolias and Rose of Sharon, the dogwood is will also make a nice addition to your collection of landscaping trees. The cornus kousa and the cornus florida, two of the most popular variety of the dogwood tree are commonly used as landscaping trees. The good thing about these two varieties is that they offer some really nice flowers during the spring.

Fruit Trees

If you think that fruit trees belong in an orchard, think again. Fruit trees can actually be good landscaping trees. However, since most fruit trees tend to grow really large, you might consider planting just or two fruit trees in your yard. Choose those types of fruit trees that do not really grow too big. Consider using local specie of fruit tree for landscaping purposes.

On the other hand, incorporating a hardscape project or a patio installation could provide a focal point in your garden, or a place to enjoy the shade and beauty of your trees.

Note that when it comes to landscaping trees, local species are preferable. Yes, exotic species of landscaping trees may look great but they are not really so easy to grow especially if you live in an area where the weather is not suitable for these exotic trees. Regular landscaping maintenance services can help ensure that the right trees are chosen and well-cared for.

If you plant fruit bearing trees on your yard, try not to spray too much insecticide into your tree. If possible, just let the tree grow naturally. Always remember that spraying chemicals into your tree could be harmful to the health of your family and to the environment.

Lastly, remember that a successful garden involves a good mix of plant life and architectural elements. Therefore, while considering your landscaping trees, also plan for a potential hardscape project or a patio installation to complete the look of your outdoor space.

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