Removing Cactus From Landscaping Needs To Be Done Very Carefully

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Removing Cactus From Landscaping

Cactus is becoming very fast one of the most wanted plants in the books of landscaping architects. This is because the cactus is a plant that answers to almost all the requirements for a perfect garden today, i.e. it offers beauty without the demands the regular plants would have for watering, weeding and even pruning. While landscaping maintenance services are generally less for cacti, they can still provide valuable help with planning, planting, and maintaining your cactus garden.

The only thing that a cactus garden would need from you is proper planning while allocating the space to different cacti. Along with this, considering a hardscape project or a patio installation could elevate the visual appeal of your garden. Once planted, all you would need to do is waiting for it to flower to realize what a stunning display of color and shape this otherwise modest plant is capable of.

How Do You Get Cactus Plants For Your Garden?

The commonest way to get your cactus is gradually becoming illegal, i.e. removing cactus from landscaping in the wild. Nonetheless, this is still the main way you would be able to get your cactus plants unless your gardening store sells cacti in which case you could purchase all that you need from there.

However, let us say you do need to get your cactus from wilderness; in that case knowing ways for removing cactus from landscaping would be a very important aspect. This is where professional landscaping maintenance services can provide expertise. You would think that this is a desert plant that is impervious to sun rays. In fact, all the cacti have two sides exposed – (1) the south (an southwest) side which is always facing the sun and which has been toughened by the constant beating down of the sun rays, and (2) the northern side which is tender and needs to be kept away from exposure to sun or the plant would die.

This is why when removing cactus from landscaping in the wild, you would need to make a marking with chalk or any other sign, to signify which was the southern side and which was the northern side. It is advisable to put the newly transplanted cactus under a shade cloth so it would be protected against excessive sun rays. The cloth shade may be ideally removed only when the cactus develops new growth.

What Does Removing Cactus From Landscaping In Wild Involve

The cactus looks very impressive and impregnable in the desert; however, you need to keep in mind that in realty this is a very delicate plant which bruises and (ironically) even sunburns easily. Removing cactus from landscaping is a difficult task; it needs to be done very carefully in order to prevent damaging its roots in particular and the whole plant in general. Landscaping maintenance services are equipped with the knowledge and tools to do this task properly. You need to dig about a foot around the plant and carefully lift it out from the earth with its roots intact.

Be careful to carry along with you powdered sulfur which should be immediately added to the cuts and wounds on the cactus. This would accelerate healing and prevent infection from setting in and killing the plant. After this, consider starting a hardscape project or patio installation to further enhance the overall look of your cactus landscape.

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