Choosing Outdoor Landscape Lighting

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Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting has come a long way from citronella candles! Today, the styles of lighting for outdoor areas include an amazing assortment from the elegant to the efficient. There are almost as many options for outdoor lighting as for indoor fixtures. With an option to light up a hardscape project or a newly done patio installation, your exterior could shine as brightly as your interior. Before purchasing outdoor lighting for your landscaped yard, there are a few facts to consider.

Planning Your Purchase

It’s very easy to be overwhelmed at the choice of lighting for outdoor landscaped yards. The sole purpose of illuminating this special area of your property is to give it a distinctive mood whether you are entertaining or simply enjoying your own personal space. Perhaps you want to highlight a new hardscape project or your recent patio installation. Decide on what type of image you want to project. Is it a quiet elegance? Or maybe you want a soft romantic feel? The type of outdoor landscape lighting you select can be enhanced by the look of the fixtures, the voltage, and where you place them.

Solar lights remain popular with homeowners because they don’t require installation of wires and they don’t use electricity. Solar light fixtures are usually the most costly of outdoor lighting initially, but you save money on electric bills later. Another economy-minded option is low-voltage lighting. This type of lighting is easy to install and can be moved around as the mood strikes you. This makes them a more versatile choice.

Where To Place Them

If you’re looking to create a certain mood with your outdoor lighting, keep in mind the glow from the moon and other sources of natural light that may affect this area of your property. Position your outdoor lighting to provide a soft highlighting of key areas. If you have a fountain, a carefully arranged planting of flowers, a stunning hardscape project, or a patio installation, the lights should call attention to these items in a quiet way. The colors of the lights you choose are very important. White lights work best, but colored lights may provide softer shading and are good for setting certain moods.

Another very practical reason for outdoor landscape lighting is safety. Having pathways properly illuminated makes it easier for guests to visit. Low voltage lighting usually accomplishes this to everyone’s satisfaction. Another benefit of outdoor lighting is that it may discourage a break-in, especially if you install motion sensors. Regular landscaping maintenance services can ensure that these lightings continue to work as they should, further improving your home’s safety. Selecting the proper light fixtures and placing them to their best advantage will make your landscaped property an extension of the interior of your home as well as a showplace for your friends and family to enjoy.

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